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From the Video—
I represent a group of teachers who love “Miss Augusta”. She’s a master teacher and a master teacher educator. She helps us succeed with, not only African American students, but with all other students as well. We love her, as do hundreds of other educators across the country who have participated in some of her thousands of culture-centered literacy skills workshops and amazing! classroom demonstration lessons over more than 35 years. Her “Touchhng the Spirit” teaching strategies and practices are very popular.

We know. Two words:  “They Work!”   “They Work!”

At this time—at this stage in her career, Miss Augusta is beginning to organize her vast collection of Touching the Spirit ™ teaching practices, materials and ideas that represent her life’s work. It’s going to be a wonderful online video library. As she adds videos each week, it’ll become a unique online treasure. She’s named this new initiative:

Miss Augusta’s Collection:
A Video Library of Culture-Centered Teaching Strategies, Experiences, and Resources for Accelerating the Development of Literacy Skills of African American and Other Students

With this video library, we’ll be able to:

We’ll be able to:

  • Submit questions for her “Ask Miss Augusta” Q and A sessions
  • Listen in on her “Small Table Talks” with other educators, and
  • Take what she calls a “deep dive” into African American history and culture and its connection to the research on the human brain and how we learn 

To quickly get this project rolling, Augusta is tapping the skills of internet and video technicians, writers, editors, and illustrators. She needs help to organize, catalogue, document and produce her collection.

This is where the popular Patreon business community internet site comes in. Patreon is where fans of creative folks pledge monthly commitments of just small amounts of funds to support the projects of a person whose work they admire.

They form a Patreon Community, helping this person have the resources he or she needs to continue the ongoing completion of projects.

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Join us and help spread the word!

Join Augusta’s Patreon Community to help get “Miss Augusta’s Collection” solidly off the ground and running!

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  • The collection will be organized by curriculum areas.
  • Topics such as independent student work, “Small Table Talks”, and interviews will have separate categories.
  • I will communicate with my fans frequently through live videos and keep you informed about the regularly scheduled video postings and their contents.
  • Printed explanatory materials for specific teaching strategies will be available for downloading.