Phonics – Ms. Augusta’s Video Collection

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Phonics— Mann’s Seven Intensified Accelerated Strategies
Mann’s Seven Intensified Accelerated Phonics Strategies in a Full Day Workshop

Phonics—Alphabet Letter Name Knowledge

Phonics—Edward Fry’s 1,000 Most Common Word List
**Videos #7—#11 are the foundational teaching strategies for the mastery of Fry’s Word List

Phonics—Adventures of Charles and Tameka —Original Student K-1 Beginning Readers (downloadable paper booklets-students illustrate)
**Videos #3—#11 are the foundational teaching strategies for the mastery of each of the student readers. Lessons using the student readers start only after students have mastered all their letter names and consonant sounds and are beginning to progress in learning the Highly Recurring Phonic Elements Chart.

Phonics—Highly Recurring Phonic Elements Chart

Phonics—Phonic Pattern Hopscotch and Intensified Board Drill—with Primary Grade Text on the Human Brain and U.S. Constitution

Phonics—Phonic Pattern Word Lists

Phonics- Parents At-Home Phonics Lessons
**See Videos # 6 and #7 as background for the videos listed below.

Phonics—Flash Cards for Fluency