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Announcing a New 2019 Initiative

The charts above are some of the materials for “Synonym Triplets” and “Dancing Definitions”, two of the many teaching strategies that are in “Miss Augusta’s Collection”.

A Video Library of Culture-Centered Teaching Strategies, Experiences, and Resources for Accelerating the Development of Literacy Skills of Underperforming African American and Other Students.
For over 35 years, Augusta Mann has led hundreds of workshops and demonstration lessons with thousands of teachers and students in school districts across the country with her Touching the Spirit framework. These activities have inspired her on-going creation and development of a huge body of work.

This collection includes explicit teaching strategies for phonics, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing as applied to language arts, social studies, and science. Educators will also be able to tap into a proliferation of ideas for independent work and active learning using music, art, and dramatization.
Watch the brief video below.

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They Work!

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Augusta Mann’s Touching the Spirit teaching strategies and practices are popular because they work! Teachers always appreciate her abilities as a Master Educator with underperforming students as much as being a Master Teacher Educator. 

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The brief Miss Augusta’s Collection video below provides context for understanding Augusta’s expertise and her passion and belief in success for all students.

Watch this video clip of teachers and Augusta as they explore Phonic Pattern Hopscotch, one component of her phonics teaching strategies.