Punctuation Marks Recitations Module


This 34-page guidebook incorporates a unique new design that immediately captures readers’ attention and keeps it all the way through.

  • Fun, engaging, meaningful student practice activities
  • Step-by-step directions for explicit teaching strategies
  • Collegial coaching conversations
  • Cultural and brain/mind principles check lists
  • Resources and references

Follow six Touching the Spirit teachers as they learn a new teaching strategy and introduce active and creative independent student practice work. Enjoy their conversations and collegial coaching related to the practice of the step-by-step directions for effective classroom implementation.


  • Fourteen classroom teachers interact with Augusta Mann
  • Demonstration of each step of the teaching strategy
  • Cultural and brain/mind principles discussed

This recorded workshop actively involves a group of teachers in the demonstration of each component of Punctuation Marks Recitations. The teachers’ questions and comments provide clarity and extend the demonstrations.

Core materials for Punctuation Marks Recitations are its set of three 24″ X 36″ colorful teaching charts. The step-by-step use of these charts is demonstrated on the DVD and vividly described in the guidebook as the Touching the Spirit teachers practice and coach each other.

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    Note: Guidebook is designed and written to be used in conjunction with DVD and Charts. Teaching charts are sold only with the complete module or with the DVD.

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